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challenge #1 voting

It's time to vote on your favorite icons from this week's contest. We only have eight entries to vote on, though - but hopefully we'll have more for challenge number two.

And speaking of which, I've decided to move the posting of the new challenge to Sundays instead of Mondays, most likely immediately after I post the results. School starts up again for me this Monday, and I think that the less I have to do online during the week the better - less stress and such, eh?

But enough of all that - onto the voting!

Voting will end SUNDAY AUGUST 7TH @ 6 PM EST.

[X] Do not vote for yourself.
[X] Do not ask your friends to vote for you. If the mod sees any posts asking for votes, your entries will be disqualified.
[X] Vote for your three favorite icons. If you vote for more or less, your votes will not count.
[X] If you do not vote for all four categories, your votes will not count.
[X] If you have entered the challenge, you must also vote.
[X] Please cast your votes in this format, substituting the icon you are voting for instead of "ICON #":

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, as well. :)

01.Image hosted by 02.Image hosted by 03.Image hosted by 04.Image hosted by
05.Image hosted by 06.Image hosted by 07.Image hosted by 08.Image hosted by
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