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challenge #1

Well, it's time for our very first challenge! And so here it is behind the cut - be sure to read the entire post as well.

Here are three screencaps from the film version of "Down Once More." You may use any of the following images in your contest entries.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

[X] You may submit three icons at most.
[X] Do not blend the images together. You may, however, blend an image with itself.
[X] You may use any kind of effect(s) you wish, including text, brushes, etc. However, no animation.
[X] Do not post your icon anywhere until the winners are announced.
[X] There will be five awards given out for this challenge if we have at least seven entries. First, Second, and Third Places, of course. But there will also be a Mod's Choice and a special award: BEST CROPPING.
[X] Submit your icons in the following format:
banner = yes/no

[X] The deadline for this challenge will be FRIDAY AUGUST 5TH @ MIDNIGHT.
[X] Questions? Comments? Place them outside of your challenge entry and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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